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How to Do Vampire Makeup

When you are in a hurry you can do vampire makeup in just simple steps and get to look like one. To make a stable base for the makeup, apply pale foundation on your face. You can also use white face paint .to create a fake eyebrow, you can either use color red, black or purple. Circle your eyes using these colors so they appear as if they are sunken.

Make final touches on the eyes with mascara and eyeliner. For deep contrast, use red color to paint your lips. Get more tips on application procedure of fake fangs and blood here for complete vampire makeup looks.

    1. Getting Your Supplies

a. Visit A Costume Shop For Purchase of a Fake Fangs And Blood.

These are integral components of your vampire makeup costume. These products you can get them quickly in big shops such as in Wal-Mart under Halloween section.

However, if you decide DIY, you can make your fake blood and fangs.

b. Choose Appropriate Foundation That Will Ensure Pale Colour For Your Skin.

It is mandatory to make your skin pale for best results; however, your skin tone will guide you on the hue to apply.

c. Decide On The Complexity Of Your Makeup.

By deciding whether you want complex or simple makeup will help you estimate the amount of the makeup you are going to use. To this, consider the entire makeup you will use including the vampire costumes.

    1. Applying The Makeup

a. Apply The Makeup On The Pale Face Paint.

Ensure your face is clean before applying anything. The dab foundation paint can either be applied by finger or use a sponge. Apply the blended paint on your entire face surface except on your eye areas and lips.

b. Set The Foundation With A Press Powder.

A brush can also help you in spreading the powder together with the sponge.

c. Eye Shadow And Liner Application

Use a brush to apply eyeshadow on the eyebrows. This helps to bring out a bolder look. For a drop of blood like appearance, use red eyeshadows.

d. Use Both Mascara And Black Eyeliner

Apply black eyeliner on the line below your eye, and smear it using a brush, and repeat the same on the top eye line. To enhance boldness of your eyes, use mascara on your eyelashes.

e. Lip Makeup

Go down to your lips once done with the eyes. For terrifying look, use red color on your lips. Demarcate your lip areas well so that you ensure they are evenly and completely covered.

f. For Contrast, Insert White Contact Lenses

You can get them at your costume store.Though they are no much needed for vampire makeup, I can assure you they will make you a scary, living dead. Vampires are presented as having dark grey to blood red eyes, and if you are willing, you can purchase lenses that will transform your iris color to this common vampire eye color or anything close to that. Take a lot of care when inserting these lenses to avoid smudging your eyes.

g. Lastly, Apply Your Fake Blood And Put On Your Fake Fangs

Adhesive can be used for attaching your fangs on your teeth. To apply the blood, hold an open tube close to one corner of one of your lips then repeat the same on the other side. Do that until the fake blood on your chin dries.