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From exfoliators to cleansers – A guide to the skin care products you will need

Who doesn’t wish to have a clear idea about the best skin care products to use? But once you move to the drug store, you will soon be overwhelmed with the plethora of products that you see and their scientific names which you won’t understand. You will just end up being confused about what you should use and what you shouldn’t.

Don’t you think you could be at ease if someone would help you with a regular skin care regimen which will not only fit into your hectic schedule but will also take good care of your skin? If answered yes, here’s help for you.

Must-have Product #1: Cleansers

Don’t ever hit the bed without cleaning your face with a suitable cleanser. If you go off to sleep with makeup, this can not only obstruct your pores but can even cause breakouts and aging before the actual age. If you had gone to some place where there was too much dirt, make sure you clean your face with warm water. Apply a sufficient amount of cleanser to your face and massage your face gently to get the best results. Eye makeup should be removed with a proper eye makeup remover.

Must-have Product #2: Face scrubs or exfoliators

Do you want to have smooth skin along with a pretty healthy glow to it? If answered yes, exfoliators or facial scrubs are a must-have item. They will accelerate the process of production of new skin cells by eliminating all the old or dead skin cells. Exfoliators even unclog the pores. However, you should note that you shouldn’t use scrubs which constitute of scratchy grains. Scrubs with fruit enzymes dissolve all dead skin cells. Try to repeat either once or twice a week.

Must-have Product #3: Moisturizer

After you’re done with your morning rinse, don’t forget to apply a moisturizer. During day, choose a light formula which has at least SPF 15. Bedtime will demand a richer formula and hence night creams should have elastin, collagen and other vital lipids which can rejuvenate the skin during your sleep. For extra care, spray rose water or some toner followed by a moisturizer.

Must-have Product #4: Eye cream

Do you often find yourself waking up with dark circles or puffy area near your eyes? If yes, use some eye cream. Such eye creams are designed for different concerns related to eye area, address wrinkles and fine lines; they add moisture and keep your eyes from seeming like a raccoon.

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