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Is an Air Fryer Healthy?

It was only a fee years ago that Philips started selling their first air fryer model Philips XL. Back in the day it was a novelty, however very soon this new kitchen appliance gained momentum and became enormously widespread.

The original air fryer sold over 7 million pieces and counting. Many competing brands have come out with their own versions of this appliance, and today the market offers colossal expanse of air fryer choices for every need and ability.

Is an air fryer very different from the deep fryer? Research says it is. Most manufacturers claim that their appliances can use up to 90% less oil. Now, I don’t know about you, but my waistline says a bi thank you! Yes, I admit, before purchasing my air fryer and starting to air fry my meals, instead of soaking them in oil, I was obese. I had problems getting of my chair, my legs would get tired after a quick walk, and my pant size was 54.

After switching to air frying, I was able to completely cut off any oils (sometimes I still use coconut oil when I cook) and the fat contents in my food and I lost a ton of weight. My pant size is now 36. I can finally breath better and walk freely. But hey, this is just my biased review. What do researches have to say about this?

So, there was a  study published , in International Food Journal where they compared air frying against traditional methods. They heat up food up to hundred and eighty degrees and kept it there for forty minutes. After they were done, they measured results. Air fried food has much less moisture and huge changes occurred to the peroxide values and free faty acids. Deep fried food lost all its nutritional values. All the vitamins and minerals contents were reduced to null. Their conclusions were that indeed air fying produces far superior results!

Listen, I’ll tell you this, if you don’t believe me, you have got to believe the scientists. I mean, it is rare to see that science lies about something like this. Now, I would not recommend only consuming air fried food. Obviously, since this is an article about air fryers, I want you to go ahead and try one. And throw out your deep fryer appliances. However, I recommend you mix things up and eat raw food in between your air fried meals.

Try getting out there in the country or visit your local farmers market. But some fresh veggies, kale, salary, radish. Buy a sprouter and try growing some seeds. Put all this stuff in a blender and make yourself one big healthy smoothie! I promise to you, when you mix super healthy food with your favorite less healthy meals, you will start losing pounds of fat and feeling superior and young again!

I hope this was a helpful article. Leave a comment if you have questions about air frying, or any health-related questions in general.