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The Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Cleaning Habits

Nobody’s saying that you absolutely have to clean your vape every single time you use it, but, you know, it can’t hurt. For the best dry herb vaporizer experience possible, no matter what device you own, technically this is what you should do. But who the heck has time for that in this crazy hustle and bustle world? I don’t, and you probably don’t if you’re in school or you work full time, or both. This article’s here to share with you a few tips when it comes to your cleaning habits for your dry herb vaporizer.

It Starts With The Product

Before you even use your vaporizer for a session, you can keep one thing in mind that will save you some trouble when cleaning it. Depending on how bud is cured, it can range from some seriously sticky icky to brittle as a cactus. Generally you want to avoid the super humid, sticky stuff because it can leave some pretty resistant residues stuck to the heating chamber. You also want to avoid product that’s overly dry too though, because it can result in a really dry session. Of course, if you don’t have much liberty in choosing the quality of your bud, don’t sweat it because it’s not a huge deal.

Brush It Every Time You Empty It

It’s true that giving your vape a full cleaning every time it’s used is pretty tedious, but a good compromise is to at least make an effort to brush out the remnants of every session after toasting your green. This can ensure that small pieces don’t get lodged into tiny crevices that they shouldn’t be getting into. Even the very best dry herb vaporizers are not immune to these types of malfunctions.

Search Extensively For Guides

Guides for taking apart and putting back together specific models of vaporizers exist all over the internet for the sole purpose of helping people out to clean their gear properly. Don’t waste their efforts and make sure to take a look before attempting to do it by yourself. Some of the best dry herb vaporizers have pretty complex designs with loads of small parts that can be easily compromised, so do be careful!