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The Personal Costs of Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is a rapidly growing problem in the United States and around the world. It kills thousands of people per year and ruins millions of lives. Many people recognize the financial cost of heroin addiction. Some of the financial costs may include the cost of the drug alone, the cost of medical care, and legal fees. It is more difficult to recognize the personal costs of heroin abuse and addiction. The personal costs are what heroin costs you and your family beyond actual money. This is not to say that a heroin addiction is not expensive. The financial cost of addiction is often catastrophic but the personal costs are equally as devastating.

The cost to your mental health. Heroin stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain. This can cause you to lose pleasure in normal everyday activities. When you use heroin, you are deadening your ability to feel good about things that would normally make you feel good about love, friendship, positive experiences. This can drive you into anxiety, depression, despair, and even suicide. It is not unusual for people who are addicted to heroin to experience these feelings of sadness and inability to feel pleasure for years after going through a heroin detox.

The loss of the ability to feel pleasure is not the only thing that can be considered a personal cost of heroin addiction. Another personal cost is the loss of your family and friends. This loss often begins with you distancing yourself so that you can use heroin. You know it is wrong and you know that your family will disapprove, so you keep away from your family. This puts distance between you and them. This is only the beginning.

Heroin changes your moods. You can experience extreme irritability, mood swings, anger, and even violence while you are on heroin or while you are coming down from a heroin high. You could even become violent with your parents, siblings, spouse, friends, and children. This will also cause your friends and family to distance themselves from you.

Another way that heroin can take your family away from you is through theft. Heroin will drain your finances leaving you unable to pay your normal bills. You may be using the money earmarked for bills in order to support your addiction. This can cause you to borrow money or even steal money from your friends and family. Once your family catches on, they will no longer want to be around you.

The loss of family and friends will only increase the likelihood of depression and other mental health conditions. The personal costs of heroin addiction are often the most severe. They can impact mental health, friends, family, job, social standing, self-respect, and self-esteem. Fortunately, there are many comprehensive forms of treatment for heroin addiction like those found on detox.com. Most treatment centers are familiar with detoxification and heroin addiction treatment as well as the consequences of a heroin addiction. They can help you get your life back and avoid the personal costs associated with your addiction.